New York No-Fault Case Administration
New York No-Fault Arbitration Consultants provide world-class third-party case management services. The dispute resolution process begins with the initial case analysis, continues with filing of a case with American Arbitration Association, settlement administration, facilitation of the hearing and closing of a case.

Think of us as of your off-site arbitration department.  We are not a company that represents medical providers in arbitration, but rather a result-driven group of private people, willing to put our knowledge and experience to work for you.  We create your very own arbitration department.  Though we are not lawyers, we have well established legal experience and  know our business well enough to ascertain justice and ensure that you are paid every cent the insurance companies owe you.

If and you would prefer an in-house arbitration department, we can set one up for you as well.  We will set up the system and train your salaried employees so that they can do your arbitrations.  Click here for more info.

Already have an in-house collection department?  Do your people perform well?  They can do a lot better with the training that we provide.  Schedule a professional development workshop for your collectors and watch their performance increase! Click here for more info.