Zelli & Cahill, P.C. is dedicated to ensuring that you receive the appropriate recourse in situations wherein money and/or property is owed to you. 

Patient Collections

Have you treated a patient who is now refusing to pay his or her bill? Did you treat a patient who cashed out on an insurance claim, but who then failed to pay you for medical services rendered?

Zelli & Cahill, P.C. can represent you in seeking reimbursement for monies owed to you for the medical services you have provided.

Contract Collections

Did you enter into a contract with someone who did not perform as directed by the terms of the contract? Do you believe the other party to have made a misrepresentation? Have the actions of the other party resulted in a financial loss on your end? Are you experiencing delinquent accounts as a result of vendors who have not paid, or who will not pay?

Zelli & Cahill, P.C. can help you recoup payments that you are rightfully owed. We also represent clients who are involved in non-payment disputes as well.