Zelli & Cahill, P.C. can help you get paid on recent as well as older unpaid Workers’ Compensation claims. We are well versed on the proper procedures to get you the result you need in a fast and efficient manner.


When it comes to Workers’ Compensation Arbitration, you have two options that you can pursue via the Workers’ Compensation Board’s disputed bills process. Your best option depends on whether or not a carrier has responded in a timely fashion to the bill(s) you have submitted.

You can opt for arbitration when an insurance carrier objects in a timely fashion to your bills (within 45 days of submission). From there, you can pursue two forms of arbitration: desk arbitration or panel arbitration. Disputes that total $1,000 or less are resolved by desk arbitration. (Desk arbitration is similar to small claims in that regard.) 

Providers involved in disputes that total $1,000 or more may choose to pursue either desk or panel arbitration, though the filing fees for desk arbitration are typically lower as a result of needing less arbitrators to decide the claim.

You can also choose to pursue an Administrative Award. An Administrative Award is elected when a carrier has not responded to your submitted bill(s) within the aforementioned 45-day window

No matter which option you choose, Zelli & Cahill, P.C. is prepared to assist you with your decision and its outcome.

Workers’ Compensation Collections

Do you have a recent claim that has gone unpaid? Are you working from a file that is several years old, and there is still no resolution in sight? 

We at Zelli & Cahill, P.C. are well versed in the area of Workers’ Compensation Collections, and we are dedicated to addressing and meeting the needs of our clients in a persistent and comprehensive manner. We work with the Workers Compensation Board, as well as the insurance carrier, in a vigilant attempt to collect monies rightfully owed to you for the services you have provided.

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